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Art for meee~ <3 <3 <3 (my happy box)

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Crimson Alexander
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Now I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something to help me burn out bright
I'm looking for a complication
Looking 'cause I'm tired of lying
Make my way back home when I learn to fly high.

I think I'm done nursing the patience
It can wait one night
I'd give it all away if you give me one last try

We'll live happily ever trapped if you just save my life
Run and tell the angels that everything's alright...

~Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

Core/Premium commission (open)

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2015, 3:35 PM

I have two days left of my Core membership and would rather not lose it, so would anyone like to buy me a three monther ($15 USD) for a full piece of art with background and up to two characters? :>

it'd be something like these:

autumn breeze by dreamerofthebluedragon's lair by dreameroftheblueethereal by dreameroftheblue

lemme know! :dummy:

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Do you consider all furries to be otherkin? 

12 deviants said no - they are two separate classifications.
3 deviants said yes - if you are not human, you are otherkin.

Journal History


299 deviations

“Hey, Sammy! Your mom’s sick, right?”

Zodiac kept his eyes to his schoolwork and nodded curtly. He shuddered, anticipating the incoming taunt.

“Well why don’t you take her to the vet? It’s probably cheaper!” A chorus of guffaws polluted Zodiac’s ears. Had the jab been thrown at him, or anyone else, he’d be up in an instant, nose to nose with the offender and biting his ear off. But it wasn’t. To his surprise, he couldn’t move at all. Tears forced their way from his eyes and all he could do was watch them darken the paper before him. His ears were pinned to his skull as the words “I’ll kill you” fell from his mouth.

“Austin, that was completely uncalled for!” The teacher said sharply. “Apologize right now.”

“Don’t bother; he wouldn’t mean it,” Zodiac growled.

Ms. Abram knelt at his desk. Her eyes were gentle as she quietly said, “I’m so, so sorry. Do you want to be dismissed early?”

Zodiac nodded.

“Alright.” She rose and in a much louder voice yelled “Austin! You other four! See me after class.”

The “ooohh”-ing of the class rung in Zodiac’s ears as he slung his bag over his shoulder and left the room.

“What, a few tears and he gets to leave? I have a hard life too-“

A loaded glare from the teacher shut him up.


A few steps into the hall and Zodiac collapsed against the lockers. “Fucking morons,” he whispered. His mom was dying, and those assholes had it in them to mock her? He felt so sick he didn’t hear the hoofsteps approach.

“Zodiac? You alright?”

He lifted his eyes to see a most welcome sight. Jay approached him and touched a hand to his face, wiping away another tear. Zodiac was presently smothered in a warm, much-needed hug. “What happened?” 

“Some dipshits thought a centaur dying by cancer was the funniest fucking thing they’d ever heard.”

“Ooh, Zodiac, I’m so so sorry.” Jay’s hand cupped Zodiac’s face as he gazed at him, his eyes as pained as his own. “You deserve so much better than that. If I was there, I would have given them each a quick kick the face.”

“I would have myself, but,” he rubbed his still-red eyes. "I couldn't move." 

Jay gently removed Zodiac’s hand and replaced it with a soft kiss.

“...Does this mean you’re dismissed?”


“Tell you what. Let’s go over to Starbucks and finish trashtalking the dipshits over there. Sound good?”

Zodiac sighed. “Yeah. Sounds awesome.”

“Great.” Jay offered a smile and a hand to hold, and Zodiac returned both.

of public school and presages
the babes back when they were in high school: Zodiac was 16 and Zodiac was 17 

I have this other bit from way later on after a school-run coffeehouse but I couldn't find a good transition so I'll just leave it here: 


A paw lightly grazed Zodiac's arm. It belonged to that scum of the earth, Austin. “H-hey.” He shifted uncomfortably, and his tail was low: an unusual stance for that mutt. </p>

“Hey,” Zodiac replied as politely as he could muster.

Austin hesitated. “I, uh... You’re really good.”


Another pause.  “Okay look, I’m really sorry for that thing I said last year. It was awful and, um, look man-” he reached for Zodiac’s shoulder. Zodiac stepped back. “I’m sorry.”

“Thank you. That helps.” Zodiac clipped his guitar case shut and picked it up.

“I know it’s not my place to ask, but, your mom, is she...?”

Zodiac froze. “She’s gone.”

“Oh gosh. Oh my gosh. I-"

“Don’t worry about it.” His bandmates waved to him. “I’ve gotta go.”

“Right, yeah. Um, I know it isn’t really much of anything or even much of an apology, but I’d like you to take this.” A hundred dollar bill was shoved into his hand.

Zodiac stared at it. “I don’t want your blood money.”

“I insist. Please.” His paws closed Zodiac’s hand over the note. “Anyway, guess you’ve gotta go. Um, see you around.”

“You too.” He stuffed the money into his pocket, walked out the door to where Mac's truck was waiting, and put his guitar in the back.

Mac was leaning against the vehicle. “The hell did he want?”

 Zodiac shook his head. “Redemption.”


“Oh, here,” Zodiac said and tore open a new bag of Doritos. “Want some?”

Jay’s brow furrowed. “Is that vegan?”

“Dunno,” Zodiac replied with a shrug. “Why?”

“I’m trying a new diet. I gained like five pounds and I wanna lose it.”

Piercing blue eyes stared at him. “We’re centaurs. We’re supposed to be heavy.”.

“Yeah, and I wanna be less so. How can you not know if it’s vegan?”

His reply was the bag tossed at his face.

Jay sniffed. “Jerk.” After close inspection of the ingredients list, he gave the bag back. “Milk products. Can’t have it.”

Zodiac picked up a chip. “Open up.”

Jay looked at the thing. “No.”

It came closer.

“Zodia-!” The chip was shoved in his mouth. He gave up, chewed and swallowed. “Mm. Not bad. That’s quite tasty, actually.”


“... I’m still mad, though. I’ll have to run a mile to make up for that.”

Zodiac chuckled and shook his head. “Wow.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It just means...” He sighed. “I really love you, Jay.”

A grin spread across Jay’s face. “Well, I don’t mind you either.” 

aliments as ailments
I write in snippets of story~

diets for health reasons aren't bad, but changing your diet for vanity reasons isn't necessarily healthy either. 
Burning words met Zodiac's ears. "Hey, I didn't know it was legal to bring horses to the city!" 

Jay groaned. "Oh no..." 

"Excuse me!?" Zodiac turned to the offender. "What did you just say to me?"

The man shifted uncomfortably in the towering centaur's angry gaze. "Well, uh, you look like a-"

"I know! 'I look like a fucking horse'. That's what you were gonna say, isn't it? Well let me tell you something. I am not a horse. Or any kind of equine. Or any sort of human, for that matterI'll say it clearly: cen-taur. I am one whole centaur. These hooves that you mock, they are mine. This tail, these hands, this body, are all mine. I am no more horse than you are reptile. And you humans need to learn that." He breathed deep. His ears were back and his fists were clenched, and the human in front of him was clearly terrified. 

Zodiac felt a touch on his arm. Jay was looking at him intently. "Let's go."

"But he-"

"I know. And I'm telling you, he's not worth it." 

Zodiac closed his eyes. He sighed. "You're right. He's not." He gave the man one more glare before turning and walking away. As he left, the stranger had a clear view of the back of Zodiac's sweater:


proud of my hooves
JUST FOR CLARIFICATION: Zodiac would neeever intentionally hurt someone else, even if they pissed him off like that. He's a pure soul and has a good heart but people are intimidated by him cause he's tall, looks like a punk, and has an angry resting face :'>

I've decided to put these little bits of story into scraps rather than, in case anyone wants to read them~


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